About it all

Hi, my name is Peter Fordyce.
Society without community is just an ‘I’ and a ‘Me’ and  no ‘We’, which is why everything is in a shambles and a mess; no morality, no dignity, no civility, just grab what you can for yourself and ‘to blazers’ with everybody else, which is why families are dying institutions and so is marriage and society has just become a rather unpleasant place.
This has got to stop! Because right now, society and that includes the Church, is on a suicide course that will ultimately destroy the way we live and  is in fact already well advanced in some places. Consequently, starting here is a new movement to be called ‘We the Community’. No big deal, no flashy website, no big money, actually no any money, just form a small community of your own, twenty thirty people no more who simply watch out for each other; like, ‘I see you have a problem, can I help?’ We have to get the communal eye off ‘Me’ and on to ‘Us” and then we want hundreds, thousands, millions of twenties, but no black people, no white people and no brown people, just people, no rich no poor, just people, no old or young and definitely no politicians, just people all looking  out for each other in our communities, and then we will build a  society worth living in. 
If you are interested, leave an  email with your cell number  and you will be joined, no charge – ever!
Now, what is the difference between an orange and an apple? That depends on the language you speak. The Hebrew word for orange is ‘tapuz’, from ‘tapuach zahav’ which means ‘golden apple’. And here for you are a few golden apples, or oranges if you prefer.
1. I have written a book entitled The 22 Scarlet Threads of the Chumash, which teaches HOW to read the Bible, something long forgotten within the Church. Sub-titled The Gospel according to Moses, here you will learn about vital issues you have never been taught before. You are free to copy and to distribute as widely as you like, no charge as long as you don’t charge.
2. Lessons 101 is a selection of over a hundred teachings in ‘easy read’ format on important subjects that have either been mistaught or just simply forgotten. Also no charge,
3. Then a series called The Truth of the Matter. They say dynamite comes in small packages and these are BIG truths in small parcels and are offered for inclusion in church or group newsletters or bulletins wherever there is a gap, usually filled with something meaningless and here is something meaningful
4.Of late the role of men in society has received some very negative press. What is a Real Man? is a group discussion program that raises important issues according to Biblical principles. Critical stuff long overdue for re-application.
And finally 5. I have included another group program entitled Persecution and the Church. Perhaps the most pressing issue of our time, persecution is a proverbial hot potato that actually threatens the very existance of the Church itself and which no one wants to face. The program addresses critical issues that every congregation will, sooner or later, have to face.
Please join me and let’s walk ‘the old paths’….’the good way’ together (Jer 6:16).