Is marriage important?

Marriage is fundamental to society. Throughout history it has been the most fundamental way in which we recognize something beyond self interest, namely the common good, cooperative relationships, shared identity and collective responsibility. Marriage is foundational of a free society, almost all of disturbances of society arise from the irregularities of domestic life.           Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks – Morality p65

Since that is correct, the abandonment of marriage, which is certainly the modern trend, will increase the prevalence of self interest and therefore damage society.

2 thoughts on “Is marriage important?”

  1. A: VA will apply the same standards for recognizing the children of a Veteran in a same-sex marriage as it does for recognizing the children of a Veteran in an opposite-sex marriage. VA accepts as evidence documentation, such as birth certificates, adoption decrees, or other judicial decrees.

    1. Thank for your comment. However you do not address the subject raised by the post, which ultimately is the protection of the common good as opposed to individualism which attends primarily to self

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