Why? ‘playing the cello saved my life’ On the 27th of January 2020 the BBC published a video clip of an interview with a certain Auschwitz survivor whose name is Anita Lasker-Willfisch. Committed to Auschwitz in 1943 as a young girl, she was asked what she had done before the war to which she replied …

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Racism and Persecution

Racism is persecution and persecution is racism, no matter what variety you choose and they are all abominations. And if you are persecuting anyone or any group of people, you will be judged by your actions which are abominable before the Lord (Matt 22:37-40, Acts 26:12-18)

The open door

Everyone knows about the Seven Churches of Revelation, but few know what happened to them . Six were destroyed by varous Islamic armies, leaving only the Church of Philedelphia and which had to resist a number of attacks, but survived. Eventually in 1923, the whole church, some 25,000 people, were moved from Turkey to Greece …

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