The Twenty Two Scarlet Threads of the Chumash


or how to read and really understand the Bible for yourself

This book excited me for various reasons; it broadened my insight into the Scriptures and renewed my appreciation of the power and truth of God’s Word.

This is a fresh and new approach that demonstrates how the important themes of the Bible, such as the Twenty Two Scarlet Threads, weave their way through Scripture, binding together the whole of faith history into a unified whole with its fulfilment in Messiah and in the ultimate conclusion of which Revelation speaks, when Christ, the breath of the Spirit answers the bride with the promise ‘Surely, I come quickly’. This was amazingly enriching.

What really struck me was the in-depth research done, not just in respect of the Bible itself, but of the ancient background against which the Bible stands. This succeeded but staying true to the Word and without becoming fundamentalist.               

Dr Burrie Du Toit BA Hon, Mth, Dth   

The Bible is not just for academics and theologians to understand. It is for everyone and The 22 equips you to do just that, to understand. The Bible is a Jewish book written by Jews and not a Western Hellenistic one. Therefore it has to be understood in the first Century context in which it is written. It is impossible to understand the New Testament to the fullness of what is written there without understanding the Old and it is impossible to understand the Old without having a knowledge of Jewish history, culture, literary forms, vocabulary, custom and more including Jewish hermeneutics and in particular Torah, the five books of Moses.

The 22 identifies twenty two primary themes in Torah and gives a detailed exposition of how they all fit together, culminating in the Cross and continuing beyond even to the present time and what is to come. Many are the differences between Western and Jewish hermeneutics and these are explained.

We live today in a world of humanistic secularism and therefore it is more important than ever that we understand the Bible as we are being made to defend it increasingly year by year. We also need to sharpen our discernment as already there are many false teachers and false prophets and the antichrist is not far away at all.

The 22 has been used as study material in small groups with excellent results and will be available shortly as an e-book and in hard copy. Prices have not been established at this time but those interested are invited to register by email without commitment. In the meantime an email version is available no charge. Simply email your request. Announcements will be forthcoming.