Well done Mogoeng


 Well done Mogoeng!

’mercy and truth are met together’ (Ps 85:10)


Mercy and truth have indeed met together, at last, and thank you Mogoeng Mogoeng. But they don’t understand! In the world today, most importantly in our beloved South Africa, truth and mercy are not to be found in great abundance. Were it so, we would never have experienced state capture, and even so, these matters would have long since been committed to the histories of our State legislature and the funds restored to what were their original purposes, the dissolution of poverty in the land. But none of that happened.


What Mogoeng Mogoeng did was to stand up as an individual, as a Christian, as a man of principle and make an unimpeachable statement in his personal capacity, which was, and is entirely his right to do, something not always understood by people in high places. It can be noted that he did not appear in any official capacity and what he said was actually so simple that it actually beggars the mind as to why it has produced such an outcry. What he said was that Israel should receive a more equitable treatment than it currently receives, perfectly correct, and that South Africa, by virtue of its history, could be the game changer in that and other areas of conflict, also true. That in essence is all he said, but in so doing has actually exposed the crass hypocrisy and ignorance of those whose modus operandi in the Middle East and elsewhere is bloodshed and destruction. Mercy and truth can be brought together is effectively what he suggested, the Hebrew word for mercy is chêsêd which also means loving-kindness, respect, compassion, understanding, and that would indeed be a game changer, if such things could be brought to bear on the truth of the matter, instead of the hatred and blatant lies that are the stock in trade right now.


The fact is that Israel and its people are subjected to an endless barrage of abuse, both verbal and physical, that has little or no basis in truth and which is propagated and sustained by those whose interests are unwilling to recognise such inconveniences. And so, justice is turned back, and righteousness is far off, for truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter (Is 59:13), but the BDS’s and certain churches of this world really don’t care about that. They much prefer the path of anti-Semitism, to which, in the case of the churches, they are heirs to the progenitors, so perhaps we should not be too surprised. Mogoeng had created an opening which might have led to a great and just victory, but it seems nobody wanted that; without Apartheid in Pretoria and Zionism in Jerusalem, how on earth would the United Nations survive? And as for BDS? That is another tale of hypocrisy; they call themselves a human rights organisation, yet they espouse a racist, bigoted path of hatred and deceit. If they did their homework they would see that Israel does more for the benefit of the Palestinians than either the PA or Hamas and that corruption is par for the course amongst the Palestinian administrations; the channel of aid money going into the country is not at all dissimilar from what was going on in SA during the days of state capture. But no, Israel is the felon and it is perfectly acceptable the overlook what even the UN knows is going on in Gaza and the West Bank. And as for the ANC reprimanding Mogoeng, that is simply a bad joke. The World faces more than one crisis at present and each one needs the foresight of Joseph, the courage of Moses and the commitment of the Cross, if we are to overcome, But, what have we got? BDS, a bunch of failed churches and a political elite of doubtful competence.


To those who support the BDS position, they might have taken a leaf out of Mogoeng’s book and applied a little chêsêd to a few places around the world, not least here at home. Instead of castigating him, the ANC should rightfully have applauded him and corrected its foreign policy, but that would have been too much to expect; at the very least they should have just kept quiet. Mogoeng Mogoeng might just have made a difference, but all the world prefers a scapegoat, for what we all know and even that they don’t really understand.





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